How To’s

Reserve Online: Books on Loan

  1. Access
  2. Enter name and password
  3. When the record is displayed move the cursor on the “ON LOAN”
  4. Click the word “RESERVE”
  5. Click “OK” to reserve the book
  6. Log out from iLib
  7. Wait for the iLib system email in your UP Webmail when the book is available for Loan


Check Electronic Library Card

  1. Log in using your UP Webmail account at
  2. Click the “E-Library Card” link under the “My Library” menu
  3. Log out from iLib


Prepare Bibliography/ Cart List

  1. Search the Online Public Access Catalog (iLib)
  2. Start searching using the Basic Search or Advance Search interface
  3. Check entries from the “Search Result”
  4. Click “Add to Cart”
  5. Check entries from “Item Cart List”
  6. Click “Preview”

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