Rules for Borrowing Books

Circulation Books

A countersigned ID and valid Webmail account are required to borrow circulation books. Students may borrow books for a period of two weeks. Undergraduate students may borrow five (5) books and graduate students may borrow ten (10) books including those borrowed from other college libraries. Faculty and staff have a loan period of one month and can borrow up to ten (10) books at a time.
Students with overdue books are not allowed to borrow.

A book borrowed for two weeks or one month may be renewed if no reservation has been made for it. A renewal may be made by bringing the book to the loan desk. If the borrowers fail to return the books on time an overdue fine of Php2.00/day (excluding Sundays and Holidays), will be charged.

Reserve Books

Reserve books may be borrowed for use in the reading room for two hours. They may also be borrowed overnight by making a reservation.

Students may borrow two reserve books (in different class subjects) for room use or overnight.

Overnight books may be claimed at 2:00 p.m. and must be returned by 9:00 a.m. the following day.  The overdue fine is Php1.00 for the first hour; Php5.00 for succeeding hours and Php50.00/day (inclusive, of Sundays and Holidays). On a second offense, the borrower’s privilege to borrow for overnight will be suspended for the rest of the semester/summer.

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