Rules and Regulations

  • The duly countersigned U.P. Identification card is the permit to enter the library and use its resources. It is not transferable
  • A valid Webmail account is the permit to borrow materials for off-premise reading.
  • Fines: circulation books PhP 2.00/day exclusive of Sundays and holidays; reserve books PhP 1.00 for the first hour, PhP 50.00 for each full day inclusive of Sundays and holidays;
  • Lost books replacement or a good photocopy of the same title; or payment of current value plus 50% of the cost of the book or photocopying cost. If lost book is found, a fine of PhP 2.00 per day is computed from the due date until the date or return, but not to exceed the current cost of the book. If current cost cannot be assessed for certain materials, e.g. Filipiniana, 50% will be added to the acquisition cost.
  • Defacing, mutilation, and stealing of library materials are University Disciplinary Offenses. Replacement of the materials and processing costs will be required plus a fine of not less than PhP 50.00. Suspension of library privilege and/or expulsion from the university may also be imposed.

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