About the Library


The mission of the CAL Library is to provide information services in support of the teaching, research and extension programs of the College. It carries out its function by selecting, acquiring, developing, organizing, maintaining, preserving and making available relevant and up-to-date information resources.


As the resource center of information, it seeks to promote the academic and professional growth of CAL faculty, staff and students by providing timely and fast access to various formats of useful information from the library’s collections and outside resources.


  • Books (Circulation)
    • 27,000 volumes (CAL Library Reading Room)
    • 18,000 volumes (Stacks, Main Library)
  • Books (Reserve)
    • 2,000 volumes (CAL Library Reading Room)
  • Journals
    • 5,000 volumes (Foreign Serials Section, Main Library)
  • Non-print materials
    • 85 titles (Media Service Section, Media Library)

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